Condiciones generales



Product / Service: All the seasonal rental offers, accommodation, stays and services offered by StayInn.

Client or tenant: Any natural or legal person who orders, purchases or reserves a product offered by StayInn.Vacations.

Provider: Any natural or legal person providing a product (accommodation, service provision, etc.) via He is responsible for this product.

Announcement: Information detailing all the characteristics of a product. It can be digital or paper, and on any medium used by StayInn.Vacations.

Site: StayInn.Vacations website accessible at the URL https: //stayinn.vacation/ as well as the sub-sites, and variations of URLs directly linked. This also includes all digital and paper communication media (social networks, classified ads, partner websites, magazines, etc.)

Reservation (boooking) fees: Single amount per reservation which varies according to the accommodation selected. The minimum cannot be less than 3580 Xpf.


The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to define the conditions of sale of products for the exclusive use of StayInn.Vacations. The client undertakes to comply with them in full. Each product is given for the duration and under the conditions determined herein and accessible on the customer invoice. In the event of postponement or modification, the special conditions conditioning the postponement or modification will apply in addition to the present ones.



StayInn.vacation is a brand of SARL PROJET IMMO, BP 41794 FARE TONY 98713 PAPEETE located Rue PAUL GAUGUIN, represented by its Manager. Holder of the professional card "GESTION & TRANSACTION IMMOBILIERE" N ° 2015-3

The reservation of a product, whatever the medium by which it was reserved, supposes the acceptance by any customer of the present general conditions of StayInn.Vacations. The customer also acknowledges having read them fully and accepting them without restriction.

All the products offered by have their descriptions on its site. If despite these multiple precautions, a product does not correspond to the description given, StayInn.Vacations cannot be held responsible for a fault (due to concealment, omission, hidden defect, modification ...) of one of its service providers .

Thus StayInn.Vacations can not be held responsible if changes affecting a product, its environment or its availability have not been brought to its attention by the service provider before the date of consumption of the product. Other general conditions may be applied if necessary in addition to these by the service provider, they will be indicated in the customer's invoice or at the reception by the service provider.



All products are reserved through the StayInn.Vacations websites or through its agencies. They are subject to the marketing conditions described in the announcements and / or in all communications made by StayInn.Vacations.

The prices indicated on the StayInn.Vacations websites are for information only, they can be modified at any time. To obtain the total amount of the service, refer to the final invoice and / or the booking confirmation email.

The reservation of a product is only confirmed once StayInn.Vacations has noted the full payment by the customer of the reservation deposit indicated on the advertisement or the customer invoice and that a confirmation email has been sent to him. was sent by StayInn.Vacations. It only becomes final once the balance of the reservation is paid in accordance with the conditions indicated on the customer invoice.

The full price of the offer will be required at the time of booking if it is made after the deadline for canceling the reservation of the product. The prices of the offers, extras, taxes as well as the reservation and cancellation conditions are detailed in the product announcement and / or in the reservation confirmation email and / or on the customer invoice.

Unless otherwise stated by StayInn.Vacations, all special offers are non-cancellable, non-modifiable and non-refundable.

Pricing error: If as a result of a material or human error, a price displayed, communicated or billed to the Customer is manifestly derisory or improperly low compared to the objective value of the product, StayInn.Vacations reserves the right to ' cancel any reservation without fees or penalties. The Customer can then make a new reservation of the offer depending on availability and at a correct price.



Certain products are subject to a deposit, this is indicated in the product announcement. If necessary, this is notified to the customer in their booking confirmation.

All repairs, whatever their size, made necessary by the customer's negligence or improper use during a service, whether accidental or voluntary, will be at their expense and will be deducted from the deposit if necessary. Likewise, he must also answer for loss / theft of the equipment supplied occurring during the duration of the provision of the premises of which he has exclusive enjoyment.

The client cannot exercise any recourse against StayInn.Vacations, nor demand any reimbursement, in the event of theft and depredations in the leased premises, or during the services.

It can be fully paid by the customer, or be subject to a bank card imprint if the customer has paid by bank card.

In the event of a deposit by bank card imprint, StayInn.Vacations reserves the unconditional right to debit this bank card for the amount of the deductions due to damage, charges, extra, unpaid, caused by the customer. What the customer must accept when booking a product. StayInn.Vacations does not keep any banking data. They are stored in the dedicated secure space at its banking partner.

In case of payment of the deposit, it will be returned within a maximum period of 1 month from the departure of the tenant, after deduction, the amounts of the deductions due to degradations, charges, extra, unpaid, caused by the customer.

The amount of these deductions must be duly justified on the basis of quotes, invoices, etc.

Service charges of 10% HT (13% VAT) of its deductions will be added to the sums to be deducted.

If the security deposit is insufficient, the customer agrees to complete the sum within 5 working days on the basis of the supporting documents provided by StayInn.Vacations and its service providers. Beyond these days, the statutory daily compensation for delay will be added to the sums due.

This deposit can in no case be considered as participation in the payment of products.



The customer undertakes to comply with all the conditions of use and all the instructions given before and during the service. Its responsibility will be engaged in the event of non-compliance with these rules and obligations.

The client must imperatively have Civil Liability insurance (covering damage caused by carelessness or negligence to others or to the property of others). He undertakes on honor, and his responsibility will be engaged in the event of default of insurance. In the event that the client does not have civil liability insurance, he can subscribe, subject to eligibility, to the comprehensive insurance offered by StayInn.Vacations and / or its partners.

In the event of non-compliance with any legislation in force by the client (nuisance, drugs, Traffic, gambling etc.). He will be fully responsible to the competent authorities, and he releases StayInn.Vacations from any responsibility.



 Article 6.1. Duration of accommodation rental:

The customer must arrive and leave the premises at the time provided in the booking conditions. The tenant cannot under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises before or at the end of the rental period initially provided for at the time of the reservation confirmation, except with written agreement from StayInn.Vacations.

The Customer must inform StayInn.Vacations 24 hours before any change in appointment times. Otherwise, any delay greater than one hour may be invoiced with an additional € 50 (5,990 Xpf)

Article 6.2. Rental conditions:

The Customer will benefit from accommodation conforming to the description in his advertisement. The customer will enjoy the rental in a peaceful manner and will make good use of it as a good father, in accordance with the destination of the premises. The rented premises are used for temporary accommodation or vacation, excluding any professional activity of any kind.

Exceptional events (receptions, parties, cocktail parties, invitations, birthdays, etc.) are subject to the prior written agreement of, otherwise the security deposit will be forfeited entirely by the client as compensation. .

On his departure, the client undertakes to return the premises to a normal state of cleanliness (furniture put back in place, washing and storage of the dishes carried out, sheets and towels collected, barbecue emptied and cleaned, floors washed, garbage cans in the There are obligatory departure cleaning services included in the rental price (included or at an additional cost), which only corresponds to a fixed order. The provision of this service is therefore included for accommodation left in a normal state of rental use. We reserve the right to invoice and deduct from the deposit the additional hours of cleaning that would be caused by a manifestly abusive situation on this point.

StayInn.Vacations cannot be held responsible for water, gas or electricity cuts, theft or damage to personal effects and nuisance caused by the neighborhood and any other failure of the services included in the services provided by one of its service providers. StayInn.Vacations will do everything possible to assist the client in all the procedures and resolution of these possible problems.

The properties are strictly non-smoking indoors: if any traces of smoke are detected on your exit, the deposit will be incurred.

The tenant and his companions agree not to commit any act that could harm the tranquility of the other inhabitants of the building, the neighborhood, the subdivision and, as a rule, his neighbors. Thus he must not bring any disturbance to the neighborhood, whether it is at the noise level or because of the machines / devices that he would have brought with him. Likewise bad smells, uncleanliness, vibrations, tremors etc. are considered nuisances in the vicinity. The condominium rules are applicable to the tenant.

Unless agreed and under specific conditions given in writing by StayInn.Vacations:

The number of tenants cannot exceed the maximum capacity indicated on the advertisement and the booking confirmation.
The rental can in no case benefit third parties. Subletting is prohibited, even free of charge, under penalty of cancellation of the reservation. The full amount of the service and the security deposit remaining acquired or due to StayInn.Vacations.
The installation of tents or the parking of caravans on the land on rented property is prohibited
Pets are prohibited.

Article 6.3. Inventory and inventory:

The inventory and inventory of furniture and various equipment is made by StayInn.vacation, its agent, or the service provider.

If for any reason the inventory is not made upon arrival, the up-to-date inventory (meter readings included) of the accommodation is available in the rental welcome booklet. The tenant will have four (4) hours to verify this inventory and report to StayInn.Vacations or its service provider the anomalies noted. After this period of 4 hours, this inventory will be deemed accepted as a reference for the inventory of fixtures. A contradictory inventory of fixtures will necessarily be established. If damage is found, the tenant must be informed by StayInn.Vacations, his agent, or the service provider within 8 days by email.


Article 6.4. Degradation of Household Linen

If linens are missing or damaged, the following amounts will be applied for repairs


Double sheet:

70 € (8 350 XPF)

Pillowcase   :

20 € (2 387 XPF)

White bath towel:

50 € (5 967 XPF)

Hand towel:

25 € (2 983 XPF)

Bath mat :

15 € (1790 XPF)

pool/beach towel:

50 € (5 967 XPF)

Table napkin   :

10 € (1 193 XPF)

Tea towel :

10 € (1 193 XPF)

Whatever the number of linen invoiced, a minimum of 25 € (2 983 XPF) will be obligatorily taken into account, even if the amount is less than 25 €.


Article 6.5. Consumable package

The consumption of electricity, water, gas and Internet is included in the rental based on the following packages.

Regarding electricity consumption, it is limited on a flat-rate basis as follows:

• For accommodation up to one bedroom: a 10 kWh / day rental package,

• For accommodation with 2 bedrooms: a rental rate of 13 kWh / day,

• For accommodation with 3 bedrooms: a 20 kWh / day rental package,

• For accommodation with 4 bedrooms: a 27 kWh / day rental package,

• Beyond this, the package increases by 3 kWh / day of rental, per additional room.

• Each Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, hamam is considered an additional room.

Beyond the above-mentioned fixed price, any excess consumption of electricity will be invoiced an additional 100 xpf / kWh according to the meter reading made at the entrance and at the exit.

 Regarding water consumption, it is limited on a flat-rate basis as follows:

The tariffs for access to water vary drastically depending on the geographical areas and the drinking capacity of the water. These prices are constantly evolving. Contact the agency for details regarding the rates corresponding to the geographic area of ​​your accommodation.

 Unless otherwise indicated: Gas and Internet are included in the rental. Charcoal for barbecues is not provided 



Unless otherwise indicated, the following general modification and cancellation conditions apply for any reservation of a service with StayInn.Vacations.

In case of non-attendance at a service on the scheduled day (NO-SHOW), 100% of the amount of the service will be due, and modification or cancellation will be impossible.


Article 7.1. Changes to a reservation

If the customer modifies his reservation up to 42 days before the scheduled date of the service, no fee will be charged.

If the modification occurs within 42 days preceding the date of the service, administration fees of € 50 (or 5,990 XPF) may be applied.

Depending on availability, the requested modification may not be possible. In this case the customer will have the choice either to cancel his order (according to the cancellation policy of Article 7.2) or to keep his original reservation.


Article 7.2. Cancellation policy

No cancellation will be taken into account if it is not the subject of a written message (registered mail or email). The date of receipt of the cancellation determines the cancellation conditions, if the cancellation is confirmed the service will be canceled and StayInn.Vacations may re-market it immediately.

Cancellation occurs more than 45 days before the scheduled date of the service:
No cancellation fees and refund of the deposit received.

Cancellation occurs between 45 days and 30 days before the scheduled date of the service:
The deposit paid upon booking is not refundable. If the entire service has been paid, the rest is refunded.

Cancellation occurs between 30 days and the scheduled date of the service:
Cancellation fees are 100% of the amount of the service.

In all cases of cancellation whatsoever, the booking fees are always non-refundable.

Force majeure: Force majeure means an event that is both unforeseen, insurmountable and independent of the will.

StayInn.Vacations reserves the sole right to validate or not a case of force majeure. In this case a partial refund may be offered.


Exceptional case of COVID19:

As COVID-19 has completely changed everyone's practices, as with any other problem, it is essential to accompany you and help you in your reflection on your reservations at StayInn.Vacations.
We are in regular contact with the various health establishments in our destinations, as well as with large companies in the tourist economy, in order to be able to readjust this information if necessary. Here is, however, information about our temporary cancellation policy that we implement for all your stays until December 01, 2022.

We strongly advise you in all cases to take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover the random impacts of the health crisis.
Contact customer service for more information.

In case of cancellation on your part due to a proven interruption of your trip due to the international "COVID-19" situation (duly and officially justified by an airline, transport company, official directives of your country of residence etc. ...):

- up to 30 days before your arrival, you have the choice between two solutions:
1- the total refund of your reservation deducted from the reservation costs.
2- exceptionally move your reservation at no additional cost to later dates covering the same seasonal rate agreement. If the seasonality is different for your new dates, then we will have to adjust the rates.

- from 30 days before your arrival:
The reservation is no longer refundable, but we will do everything in our power to try to find the best solutions for you (moving your stay, Credit note, reselling your stay to other customers, etc.).

It is therefore absolutely necessary to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can assist you in the best possible way.

Article 7.3. Interruption during service

In the event of an interruption during the service by the client:

If the responsibility neither of StayInn.Vacations or its agent, nor of its service provider is not clearly called into question, proof in support, there will be no refund, except the security deposit (refund according to the defined conditions in article 4).

 In the event of an interruption during the service by StayInn.Vacations, its agent or its service provider:

The customer will have the choice either to move his service to a later date without cost, or to cancel it. In the case of the choice of cancellation, it will be fully refunded.



 These general conditions are available on the StayInn.Vacations website:

All customers (as well as their beneficiaries and their companions) who book a service with StayInn.Vacations must accept these general conditions. And this regardless of the mode or origin of the reservation.

Concerning the reserved services, the customer declares to release from all responsibilities StayInn.Vacations in the event of an accident of any nature whatsoever. Similarly, in the event of damage without any exception or reservation caused by and / or on his (their) person (s), others, animals, vehicles and more generally any object and / or any property borrowed or made available to him during these benefits. The customer declares and accepts that all the equipment, vehicles and accessories made available to him during his services involve risks and present dangers inherent in their use. The client declares and accepts his risks with full knowledge of the facts and waives all recourse, lawsuit or claim against StayInn.Vacations.



Any complaint must be sent as soon as possible to StayInn.Vacations, which will intervene to promote the amicable settlement of disputes.

If it is impossible to resolve a dispute amicably, it will then be judged by the competent authorities in accordance with the law of French Polynesia.