Vacation Rental 2.0 … our trust contract.
Whether for a vacation, a professional or a short-term ephemeral need...
Whether related to cultural events, sports, commercial or private...
StayInn.Vacations facilitate and ensure your "Traveler Experience" whatsoever.


After more than 14 years of success in the various domains and real estate services, both in France and in Polynesia, the agency PROJET IMMO was born in 2015 to offer a new vision of real estate.

A vision of services and support

With a huge desire to always provide the maximum of services adapted to each client, each need, each project, each market ... PROJET IMMO stands out very quickly from traditional real estate agencies, far away from others, she prefers to focus all her energy on people and their projects.

Congratulated by all our partners and clients, the agency is now firmly anchored in the Polynesian real estate landscape, and continues to offer the maximum of support, advice and services. It is therefore always with great pleasure that our teams will welcome you in our 3 agencies on Papeete (facing the town hall), Moorea (Maharepa mall) and Taravao (on the main road between the east and west coast) .


After several years of services and successes in vacation rental, it is therefore natural that Projet Immo launches:

STAYINN.VACATIONS, the Vacation Rental 2.0.

Your new platform is fully dedicated to your new vacation rental experiences. We work closely with all our partners whether they are owners of housing, individuals, cultural associations, service providers and tourist services, or craftsmen... always with the same ambition:

"To support you in your choices … And your holidays will be closer to your expectations"


Whether in function of cultural or sporting events, hobbies, desires, needs, habits... all our knowledge has a purpose of creating a real "traveler experience" around the world.

We therefore offer quality housing with the maximum of services on demand. Whether in a luxury villa, a small city studio or in a white sand beachfront bungalow, imagine your hobbies and project your desires... from free fall action activity, to massages at home, to discovery of ancestral customs...
So take advantage of all our experience, we will bring you all the necessary support before, during, and after your stay!


With our tools and our agents in place, enjoy a secure personalized web-space where will be centralized all your rentals, comments, tips, guides, your options and extras, access plans, invoices ... where you can also 24/24h contact us if needed, whatever it is

You will master your "traveling experience" from start to finish, in all the destinations where we will be present


We are so happy to count you among our customers, and we are proud that everybody came to extend our experience so that we can always innovate and improve...